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I won a contest!

Jul 30, 2023

On July 25, 2023, the results of the illustration contest held during the "Hanazono Church Aquarium x Kemono Friends" collaboration event were announced. And my illustration won the Web voting category. I would like to thank everyone involved and everyone who entered and voted in the contest. Thank you very much.

Contest Overview and Winning Entries

From June 7, 2022 to June 18, 2023, an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of Hanazono Church Aquarium1 in Kyoto was held in collaboration with Kemono Friends2.

Event Page 「花園教会水族館×けものフレンズ 10周年記念コラボイベント」

New artwork by Friends of Kemono was created and displayed in the aquarium on special displays and panels, and goods were distributed and crowdfunded. In parallel with these events, an illustration contest was held. This was an event that could be participated in via the Internet even if you could not visit the Aquarium.

The results of that illustration contest were announced on July 25, 2023, and each prize was selected from among the 79 entries. There were three categories "Web Voting Category," "Aquarium, Children's Association, and Hanazono Church Officials Voting Category," and "Hanazono Church Aquarium Director Category”.

Jinmengyo from "Kemono Friends" posted on 2023-07-15(High quality image)

My "JInmengyo" won the Web Voting Category. In this web voting category, my work and one other work received the same number of votes, so both of them were awarded.

All the entries were very close. All works are listed on this "Entry List" page.

1 Hanazono Church Aquarium Kyoto City: Private aquarium run by Hanazono Christian Church. Creating a place where children can come into contact with diverse aquatic life. Many initiatives are being undertaken, including raising awareness of the problem of invasive alien species

2 Kemono Friends: Media mix work featuring characters called "Friends" based on animal motifs. I often post fan art of this.

Expression of gratitude

I would like to thank everyone at Hanazono Church Aquarium and the Kemono Friends Project for giving me this opportunity by holding this contest. I am given so much on a daily basis and I should be grateful. Thank you very much.

Thank you to everyone who shared the publicity for my entry and voted for me.

I would also like to thank all the participants who submitted their works to the illustration contest and competed for the limited number of prizes. Me was obsessed with the battle aspect of the contest, but I felt that who was a desire to enhance the event by submitting illustrations without being attached to an award too. There were people who declined to enter the contest but submitted illustrations under the event tag. I was glad to be a part of such a contest.

I am proud of this award. It has given me confidence in my future activities. I will cherish the award and the memories of my experiences related to it.