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In the newsletter you will find my latest productions. Please make sure you receive my updates via email! They are also posted on social networking sites. But you may miss the timeline or be filtered out by the algorithm.

I have been distributing weekly since 2023. This English version of the newsletter is a translation of the Japanese version. There will be a slight delay due to translation work.

Before you sign up for our newsletter, there are a few things we want you to know. If you subscribe to kunikuni.substack.com under Substack, I will be able to access your e-mail address. Please carefully consider the e-mail address you register. I recommend the use of mail masks. This contact list will also be used to relocate newsletter distribution services that may happen in the future. If you don't like to register your e-mail address, please subscribe to the RSS feed.

You can reply to the newsletter. Hope to receive your kind message.

Update at: Jun 15, 2024