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Automatic time card for illustration work

Mar 7, 2024

The time when the drawing software is opened and closed is automatically appended to the Notes App.

The start and end times of the drawing software on the iPad are automatically recorded in the notebook. This will be useful for quality control by knowing how much time I spent to draw one picture, and for self-monitoring to make sure I am not staying up too late.


This is in an iOS environment. I used the Shortcut app to add this time card. This is a pre-installed app that registers actions and calls them up via voice assistant or other means. This app has a Automation function that activates shortcuts according to conditions. I used this to add notes to the drawing software when I started and closed it.

What are the benefits of this

Until now I did not know the definite amount of time I spent on a painting. I only knew the approximate number of days. So I decided to measure more clearly and investigate the relationship between time and completion.

I keep a review notebook for each illustration I do. Knowing how long it took me to complete a picture helps me to write this note. Incidentally, I have a newsletter that includes a story that looks back on the review notes, quoting the contents of the notes. Subscribe if you are interested.

I am happy with this time card. It lets me know how long it took to produce one piece of work. Besides that, I can know if I had a coherent work time, if I concentrated on the work, and many other things.

2024/03/07 KuniKuniMitanni